“The Crow Reborn” Movie Official Release Date Revealed

If there was any doubt about The Crow getting a reboot, well the official release date has been revealed to calm down all the fans of the series, including myself, and assure them that this most beloved character will return to the big screen. Corin Hardy’s The Crow Reborn, starring Jason Momoa as Eric Draven,  will be released on the 11th of October, 2019.  The movie has a budget … Continue reading “The Crow Reborn” Movie Official Release Date Revealed

Another Stephen King Adaptation?

  Well, after The Mist, The Shinning, Haven, The Stand, and many others; another Stephen King work will be getting a tv series, according to Deadline. This time, it´s not going to be based on a book or a short story, but in a poem called The Bone Church. The series will be produced by Cedar Park Entertainment and will narrate the story of a group of … Continue reading Another Stephen King Adaptation?

Halloween (2018) is ready!

Throughout the majority of January and February, Charleston, SC has been the home to the filming of the new Halloween movie, which will have Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Laurie, and Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, reprising their roles from the original Halloween movie, and John Carpenter helping with the creation of the music.     Recent reports state that the filming has been completed and, in … Continue reading Halloween (2018) is ready!

Remembering Old Trailers: The Shinning (1980)

Today on Remembering Old Trailers, I bring to you one of the most memorable horror classics, Stanley Kubrick´s The Shining, staring the scariest man on the face of the earth, Jack Nicholson. The Intro to the trailer has such an uneasy sound and a still shot of a face-like elevator staring at you. Then as the sound becomes louder and louder, a river of blood … Continue reading Remembering Old Trailers: The Shinning (1980)

Godzilla vs. Kong (2020) To Start Filming This Year

Your favorite giant lizard and big monkey are set to start colliding in October of this year in Atlanta, where the filming will take place. The director of Death Note (2017) and The Woods (2016),  Adam Wingard, is set to direct the epic clash between these two titans, which is expected to be released in the 22nd of May, 2020. Continue reading Godzilla vs. Kong (2020) To Start Filming This Year